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Executive Profile

The Board of Directors
i-Klean Laundry Company Limited
Management Team

Mrs. Kanokwan Puttiwarakul, President

Mrs. Kanokwan has more than 40 years of experience working in luxurious jewelry market and 10 years in hotel and real estate industry.

In 2010, i-KLEAN Laundry Co.,Ltd. was launched as her newest project. It is intended to be a new premium laundry operator who represents a full comprehensive range of total cleaning fabric solutions.


Project i-KLEAN :

“By being in the hotel and hospitality sector for many years, I have witnessed huge market changes and market trends, and there, I see opportunities particularly in this poor state of economy where downsizing, outsourcing and cost-effectiveness are main concerns for most businesses.

Then I was lucky enough to meet a team of textile specialists who convinced me that ‘The idea of becoming one of the best laundry and dry cleaning operators for a premium market in Thailand is POSSIBLE’. It can be achieved by representing ourselves as a new choice for end customers and hospitality sectors who seek a full comprehensive range of total cleaning fabric solutions.”

Mr. Pattaravat Puttiwarakul, Managing Director

Pattaravat is a graduate of the University of Warwick in Economics, and also holds a Master degree in Msc Financial Management and Control from Aston University, UK.

With almost 10 years of experience in financial planning, business planning and financial monitoring, Pattaravat is highly qualified to run a large operation like i-KLEAN Laundry. His previous experience in various management positions within the hotel and service industry provide a great foundation for him to understand the function and the demand of the laundry market as a whole.

Drawing on his background and a careful evaluation of his interests, strengths and goals, Pattaravat is now appointed as one of the valued Managing Director of i-Klean.. He manages the finances as well as working on all start-up activities right beside other colleagues in the board.

Mrs. Thamaporn Piyamalmas, Director

Thamaporn, a new generation director of i-KLEAN Laundry Co., Ltd. She received her Economics, Financial and Accounting degree from Broxtowe College, Nottingham University and received her Bsc Management Sciences from The University of Warwick, UK in 2004. Her strenghts are on Operation Management and Human Resources Management field which is highly required to daily manage the workplace here at i-Klean.


Inspiration behind i-KLEAN – Makes a Difference

 “There are a lot of launderers out there but we won‘t find many of those who meet the market standards at a reasonable price. I believe the market is not saturated yet and there is still a room for good and responsible launderers somewhere. I hope that in years time, i-Klean will be one of the best laundry and dry-cleaning operators in Thailand.”

Because i-KLEAN will be the answer to all the questions. We keep our promises and keep improving our services. With our team of textile specialists, “We make a difference” through well-trained energetic staff, high quality detergent along with the newest cleaning technology ever offered to enable the utmost customer satisfaction and expectation in all aspects at the most reasonable price ever,  then why won‘t customers choose us.

Mr.Panupong Puttiwarakul, Director

Graduated in BBA Marketing from ABAC University, Thailand and gained a Master Degree in MBA Finance from Virginia Commonwealth University, USA.

Panupong has been chosen to become another Director of i-Klean for his highly specialized marketing strategy and sales.

“Even the laundry sector is new to me but it won‘t worry me at all, instead I see new challenges. I have a true entrepreneurial spirit, so once you get an opportunity to jump into the playing field”, I wish to do my best and use all of my accumulating experiences to bring “We Make a Difference” into reality. Not being just a myth or slogan, we are positioning ourselves to be really different from other old fashioned and conservative launderers in terms of quality services and guaranteed promises to customers.

Panupong also currently serves as the Managing Director of i-RESIDENCE Hotel, where his main focuses are on daily operation and strategic control.

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