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Who needs the hassle of in-house laundering? We're a specialist in the linen laundry and dry-cleaning business so you don't have to be worry anymore.
Every day there is a big pile of dirty laundry from hotels in Bangkok. Most of it is cleaned in on-site laundry facilities at each hotel. With the financial demands of replacing new laundry machines and systems as well as the shortage of competent management and production staff, hotels are now willing to consider out-sourcing laundry service to avoid any unforeseen situations such as cost of maintenance & repair, lack of skilled staff, cost of staff benefit increasingly, etc. Moreover, hotels would like to diversify the risk by saving money from operating laundry itself and spend that particular money to other necessary operations instead.

Hotels in Bangkok have recognized the benefits of out-sourcing their laundry requirements. Large, dedicated laundries provide cost-effective service using "state of the art" processing facilities that maximize economies of scale. One of these laundry companies, i-Klean has developed a successful business model serving from four-five star hotels and has extended its business onto include dry-cleaning retail/drop-off stores in Bangkok.

Excellent Service is Sustained Growth - Each hotel served by i-Klean has unique requirements. The i-Klean Laundry Business Model can be ideally customized to individual services to customer’s requirements and needs. The processing and handling systems can accommodate any re-usable textile items. Our customers expect a high quality consistently and cost effectiveness that we are committed to serve them certainly. All service issues are handled with a high "sense of urgency". The results have been dramatic. Our customers are our best sales force.
We pick-up and deliver. You just sit back and relax!     

Your laundry is picked up from your property and delivered by a truck. Your laundry is then counted, sorted, and weighed, to ensure we select the most efficient capacity among different sizes of washing machines.

In accordance to excellent service, i-Klean provides many models of vehicles such as trucks, vans, and motorcycles for pickup and delivery services.
Energy efficiency is better for The environment and helps Keep costs down.

i-Klean Laundry uses a modern 3-station folder and a La Pauw Folder for large linen pieces. It’s large enough to accept up to extra large king size bed sheets.

Considered the most efficient folder, the machine’s modern 3-station design encourages speed between workers, allowing for maximizing productivity.
Workers clip the freshly dried linen onto the machine, inspect it for spots and tears, and then let the machine do the folding. The equipment is so advanced that it folds, stacks and even moves the stack ahead on the conveyor belt as soon as it has reached the given height.

Between the automation and the ability of 3 workers to use the machine at the same time, this equipment contributes greatly to productivity — and that translates into cost savings, which we can pass on to you.
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